Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition, Programs and Fees ~ 2019 – 2020

First Choice  Montessori School offers an education to children ages 3 – 6 Yeas old  through  Preschool  to first grade in the greater Surrey Area  area.  The school seeks a representative community of students, welcoming a diversity of race, religion, and economic background.

Through activities at a very young age, First Choice believes that through guidance and self-motivated development, the child will achieve their fullest potential. Skills will be enhanced in an environment that will recognize the unique talents of each child.



Financial Aid

Do You Qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit

You might not have to pay for child care all on your own. B.C. has expanded child care funding to be more inclusive – making child care more affordable and more accessible.

Specific criteria are used to check if a family qualifies for the Affordable Child Care Benefit.
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