Does the Montessori method work?

Does the Montessori method work?


Our philosophy is to assist children in the builds of good self-image by providing a stimulating atmosphere for social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth and development. Our goal is to:

As educators of young children, we believe in offering each child the opportunity to develop her/her unique potential as a human being. We believe that the quality of care and educated that children receive in their early years (birth to six years old) is the most important factor to their success in school, social relationships and all future endeavors.

Our program is based on the Montessori approach to education, while being open to integrating new ideas, in order to ensure a solid foundation and the best start in school and life for each of our students. Our teachers at First Choice Montessori are dedicated to providing the best learning environment for each child. We pride ourselves in providing caring and nurturing environment for the child and the parent.

Communication Skills

Each day students are exposed to various forms of communication, whether it be between students and/or teachers. Circle time show & tell, and group activities allow students to communicate with their peers at their own pace and however they feel comfortable. Continued exposure allows the child to feel more comfortable with the environment and with public speaking as a whole.

Through circle time, show and tell, and group activities our students expand and developing their communication skills both staff and their fellow peers

Reading & Writing Skills

At the core of our curriculum is the development of each child’s reading and writing abilities. Children are given various activities from journaling, practicing sounds, spelling tests, and phonetics.

Students are continuously advancing their academic reading and writing skills throughout our program.

The kids learn to read & write after learning to speak and listen actively

  • Improve, not perfect
  • Build on strengths
  • Encourage trial and error
  • Motivate the child
  • Promote and model mutual respect

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of
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